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Kgr IndustriesKgr IndustriesKgr Industries

Welcome to KGR Industries

Welcome to KGR Industries

KGR Industries is manfacturers of DTH hammers and Button Bits under the brand name of KGR

Reliability, tested technology and proven quality for down the hole operations like Mining, Water well drilling and other civil Engineering Applications.

KGR is the symbol of speed and durability gives the advantage of unlimited hole depths.

KGR Hammers manufactured in valve and valveless designs to minimise energy Consumption and maintenance for easy and convenient for disassembly and reassembly operations

KGR products are subjected to most rigorous quality tests conducted on site in the hands of technically qualified engineers/technicians.
KGR Hammers and Bits are specifically designed to overcome strata problems in different sites. We have very good performance reports in stratas like quartzite and lron Ore.

KGR Hammers and Buttons bits can compete with any other products in mining industry to reduce cost of production and maintenance. superior Quality, reliable performance and regular inventory as per customers requirement have found steady reputation for KGR PRODUCTS as the strong performance for successful DTH operations.

ISO 9001 : 2000
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