The Dixon brand of product like industrial hoses, delivery couplings and air fittings is synonymous with quality, durability and safety. We manufacture an extensive range of products which is the benchmark of quality, world wide. Dixon’s commitment to the core values of dependability, reliability, performance and safety have made ‘Dixon’ the brand of choice all over the world for almost 100 years.

About Us

Dixon Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dixon Valve & Coupling Company – USA and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Dixon India’s operations covers the regions of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, Mauritius & Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Dixon India now offers customers in the South Asia region, its high quality hose & coupling products backed up by its almost a 100 years of knowledge & experience in the hose & coupling industry to distributors / end users. Dixon, offers a unique one stop shop facility for hose & coupling distributors & assemblers.

Dixon India’s warehouse on the outskirts of Mumbai will offer its globally recognized brands like Boss, Air King, Holedall, Andrews, Ez-Boss Lock, Minsup, Surelock, etc. to customers across a wide range of industries like oil & gas, petroleum refineries, mining, OEMs, chemical industries, construction, material handling, irrigation, etc. Our range of products include food & beverage fitting & clamp, rubber hose, PVC hose, air fitting, cam & groove coupling,  quick release coupling and petroleum tanker product, layflat hose, PVC hose, dry disconnect coupling, swivel joint, hose clamp & accessory.

Our History

Dixon’s history can be traced back to 1887, when at the very young age of 15, Howard W. Goodall quit school to work at a Philadelphia rubber distributor, Latta & Mulconroy. An inherent tinkerer, Goodall soon developed a range of couplings which could be sold as an accessory to their hose line. This resulted in a successful & profitable new business for Latta & Mulconroy Company. Later, H.W. Goodall with the blessings of Mr. Mulconroy, founded the Goodall Rubber Company and also started the Knox Manufacturing Company in order to manufacture couplings and clamps.

The Dixon Valve & Coupling Company was founded on March 21st 1916 by Mr. H.W. Goodall. Mr. H.W. Goodall passed away in 1951 and his son R.B. Goodall became the President & Chief Operating Officer of the Company. Dixon continued to grow and prosper under his leadership.

Through the 1960s, & 70s, Dixon continued to grow by adding branch locations through the United States. In 1976, Dixon moved from its facilities at 2nd and Columbia in Philadelphia to historic Chestertown, Maryland which still serves as Dixon’s global headquarters till date. Mr. R. B. Goodall passed away in 1994 and his son Mr. R. L. Goodall took over as President and Chief Operating Officer. Dixon today is a fast growing international company, with global offices / manufacturing facilities in USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Australia, India, China & Russia. Dixon is committed to maintaining its role as a leading innovator in the hose and coupling industry.

Our Mission & Vision


• Working together to delight our customers and generate profit.
• To lead in our chosen markets, by setting ambitious goals.
• Provide quality products, rapid delivery, superior customer service worldwide.
• Encourage and assist all employees to reach their full potential, with opportunities to influence the decision making process.
• Be accountable for executing our plans.

Values & Beliefs:

We will conduct our business and base our decisions and behavior on the following:

• Conduct our business with honesty & integrity.
• Operate our facilities in a safe, clean and healthy manner.
• Act responsible as corporate citizens.
• Promote the six pillars of character:
Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness and Trustworthiness.

Our Products
  • Air fittings
  • Cam & groove couplings
  • Couplings / clamps for suction & delivery
  • “Dixon Boss” coupling system
  • Quick release couplings
  • Hose – Rubber / PVC / layflat / GSM ball joint armoured hose
  • Petroleum tanker / dry bulk products
  • Food & beverage fittings & clamps 
  • Dry disconnect couplings
  • Swivel joints
  • Hose clamps
  • Holedall swaged & internally expanded high pressure fittings
  • API-7k certifed holedall rotary hose couplings.
Our Divisions

We have multiple production lines and divisions, where each of them excel in manufacturing a particular range of product. The divisions are categorized under these names:

  • Dixon Bayco - Engaged in manufacturing and distributing petroleum and dry bulk fittings and accessories.
  • Dixon Boss - Excel in manufacturing and distributing cam and groove, clamps, oil fittings, steam fittings, swivels, air fittings, valves and water fittings.
  • Dixon Brass - Specialize in manufacturing and distributing pneumatic and low-pressure brass hose fittings, couplings and adapters.
  • Dixon Powhatan - Earned proficiency in manufacturing and distributing fire and forestry products ranging from fire department connections, fittings and hoses, to valves for fire protection systems and accessories for sprinkler systems.
  • Dixon Quick Coupling - Manufacturer and distributer of variety of hydraulic and pneumatic quick disconnect couplings.
  • Dixon Sanitary - Engaged in manufacturing of a vast range of 304 and 316L stainless steel sanitary fittings and valves, including bradford clamp, weld, bevel seat, John Perry, Q-Line and I-line fittings in various shapes and sizes.
  • Dixon Specialty Hose - Specializes in manufacturing GSM ball-joint armored hose used in high temperature & high abrasion environments like steel plants and flat glass manufacturing industries.

Dixon manufactures the widest range of hose fittings in possibly the largest size range and body materials like aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, hastelloy, hard coat aluminium, etc. Dixon products can be found in virtually every industry. Some of the most popular industries where Dixon products are widely used and approved are :

• Automotive
• Food & Beverage
• Chemical
• Construction
• Oil & Gas
• Drilling Industry
• Petroleum Refineries
• Material Handling
• Mining
• OEMs
• Pharmaceutical
• Steel Mills
• Pulp & Paper