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How do we do that ?

Not as easy as said! But that's what keeps us driving at Delvcor. To dig deeper for insights. To spread our capabilities wider. And to reach higher levels of performance. It is incidental that our core philosophy is in line with what do: delivering avant-garde mining machinery that withstands the test of time and terrain with great temperament. It begins with the courage of conviction. And it stems from the deep insight into the grueling world of drilling and mining. We put ourselves into the shoes of the man at the controls; the miner in the field and the manager holding the purse. And what you have is what you actually need - a sophisticated, robust and a value-for-money product.
Delvcor Mining Machinery Products - Some of our products currently under production are listed below.

Core Drilling Equipment


Blast Hole Drills


Reverse Circulation Rig

Specifications Specifications Specifications
arrow_icon - Exploration drilling - Heavy duty crawler-mounted drill rigs for
surface mines and large quarries, using rotary or DTH drilling.
- Crawler /Truck-mounted drill rigs with deck
engine or chassis PTO drive for reverse circulation
DTH, rotary drilling.
arrow_icon - Compact core
arrow_icon - Drill rigs with modular design
arrow_icon - Multi-purpose drill rigs