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CBG Precision Engineering Company is established in 1987. The founder of company Mr. C. B. Gandhi has designed & developed various types of drilling machine during last 35 years of time.

He has Designed & Developed following machine.

1. Direct circulation machine capable of drilling 2500 feet.
2. Reverse circulation JET type machine capable of drilling 50" dia bore hole up     660 feet.
3. 4" & 6" class mounted blast hole drill machine which is vary simple in design     and having better performance.
4. DTH - machine capable of drilling 6" / 6 ½ " dia bore up to 1500 feet in hard     formation.

Mr. C. B. Gandhi has also obtained training in Reedrill Corp. USA in the year 1982.

He has started his own joint venture in the name of CBG Precision Engineering Company in 1987 and in same company he has designed & developed and supplied following machine.

  • GP - 1500 Direct circulation drilling machine.
  • GP - 500/GP - 1000 All Hy. DTH drilling machine.
  • CBG - 125, 150, 200 Mud Pumps.
  • GPS - 150 DFE special type of Duplex Pump for handling crude oil application.

Under his guidance company is progressing for betterment of drilling industries of India.
CBG Precision Engg.Co. has provided its services directly to customer and also to other drilling rig manufacturer of India.

"Our Materials are being accepted & used by ISO - 9002 Companies"

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