PIX Transmissions limitedPIX Transmissions limitedPIX Transmissions limited
Mechanical and Fluid Power TransmissionMechanical and Fluid Power TransmissionMechanical and Fluid Power Transmission

PIX Industrial Belts

  PIX-X'set Wrapped Belts

PIX-X'set® Classical V-Belts

PIX-X'set® Wedge V-Belts

PIX-X'set® Narrow V-Belts

PIX-X'set® DS Hexagonal Belts

PIX-X'set® MB Banded Belts

PIX-X'set® VS Variable Speed Belts

  PIX-X'set Wrapped Belts

PIX-X'set® HP (High Power Belts)

PIX Aramid Cord Belts


PIX X'set® DC (Dry Cover Belts)

PIX X'set® PT (Profile Top Belts)

PIX Fractional Horse Power Belts

PIX Light Duty Single V-Belts

PIX Asymmetric Belts

 PIX-X'tra Raw Edge Belts

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Belts

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Classical Belts

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Wedge Belts

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Narrow Belts

PIX-X'tra® MB (Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Banded Belts)

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Plain Belts

PIX-X'tra® Raw Edge Laminated Belts

PIX-X'tra® VS (Variable Speed Belts)

 PIX Special Construction Cogged Belts

PIX Double Cog Belts

PIX-X'tra® FORCE Variable Speed Belts

 PIX-Xceed Ribbed Belts

PIX-X'ceed® Ribbed Belts

PIX-X'ceed® Double Sided Poly Belts

PIX-X'ceed® EL (Elasticated Belts (PJ))

PIX-X'ceed® EPDM (EPDM Poly V-belts)

 Application Specific Belts

Agriculture Belts

Belts (Trucks & Buses)

Belts (Cars & Vans)

Lawn & Garden Belts

Tractor Belts

 PIX X'act Synchronous / Timing Belts

PIX - X'act® CT Classical Synchronous Belts

PIX - X'act® HTD Synchronous Belts

PIX - X'act® HP Synchronous Belts

PIX - X'act® STD Synchronous Belts

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PIX Industrial V-Belts
PIX Automotive V-Belts
PIX Hydraulic Hoses
PIX Industrial Hoses
PIX Thermoplastic Hoses
PIX End Fittings



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