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Mudlogging Services

Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. forayed in the business of providing Mud logging services in 1991 and continuously providing since then to various exploration and production companies mainly ONGC, OIL & CANORO RESOURCES.

We manufacture and operate the Mud logging units as per the client requirements. Our advanced software and mud logging equipments have integrated facilities for complete acquisition ,monitoring and recording of the Geological and drilling Data during drilling oil and gas wells on continuous basis. 

Well trained Data Engineers/ Mud loggers / Service/Maintenance Engineers under the guidance of specialist supervisors analyze geological data for detection and analysis of hydrocarbon gases, fluoroscopic studies for the presence of oil shows and overpressure studies for formation evaluation etc.

Salient features of On line Mud logging Unit :

Mud logging unit is operating with advanced windows based software possessing following important features:

a. Real time data acquisition , monitoring and recording of parameters like rate of penetration, Depth tracking, weight on bit,     weight on hook, pump strokes, Stand pipe pressure, Rotary torque, Rotary RPM, Pit levels, Mud weight, Mud flow, Total     gas detection etc.
b. Real time gas detection based on the principle of Flame Ionization Detector/Thermal Conductivity Detector.
c. Real time over pressure parameters calculation in display for D-exponent, sigma, pore pressure, fracture gradient.
d. Offline system packages like plots for Kick and kill, overpressure detections, leak of tests, fracture gradients, D-exponent,     bit hydraulics, sigma etc.
e. Data link server serves real time data and time database records to the remote data link client applications.

Uninterruptible power back up (UPS ) for equipments.
Advance warning system, Audio and Visual Alarms.
Sufficient Nos. of P-4 computer systems for continuous records of data as well back up facilities.
Fully equipped geological laboratory , like Fluoroscope.Stereomicroscope,shale density kit,shale factor kit,Calcimetry kit ,     Cutting gas detector etc.
Conforming to safety regulations and standards.

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