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Health/Safety Policy


Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd.  believes in respect, dignity and importance of the individual employee and his or her right to derive personal satisfaction from the assigned job. The prevention of occupational injuries and illness is of such a consequence to this belief that it will be given a top priority at all times.

We will establish and require an accident prevention program that emphasizes the integration of safety and health measures into each job task so that safety/health and job performance become inseparable. This will be accomplished through the co-operative efforts of managers, supervisors and employees who will seek to obtain the lowest possible industrial accident rates. Safety orientation for new and transferred employee, timely and appropriate training, a management/employee safety committee, an active self-inspection program, proper mechanical guards and personal protective equipment will be some of the tools used to reduce work.

By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribution to the well being of personnel and subsequently the Organisation.


All Employees are abide by the following rules :

  1. Unsafe conditions are to be reported to the immediate supervisor.
  2. Any and all injuries occurring on the job are to be reported to the immediate supervisor.
  3. Smoking and food/drink allowed only in designated areas.
  4. Personal protective equipment is to be used in any areas where specific hazards exist. For each particular work activity, the protective equipment requirements must be followed.
  5. Proper dress is required. Appropriate work clothes, gloves, shoes, boots, etc., shall be worn on the jobs. Loose clothing and jewellery shall not be worn
  6. Machines shall not be operated unless all guards and safety devices are in place and in proper operating conditions.
  7. All equipment shall be kept in safe working condition. Defective tools or equipment shall not be used, but will be reported to immediate supervisor.
  8. Personal protective equipment shall be properly stored and maintained.
  9. Maintenance, engineering and adjustment shall be made only when the locked out.
  10. Compliance with all governmental regulations and rules is required.
  11. Aisles, walkways, stairways and points of danger shall be kept free of debris, storage and obstructions.
  12. Good housekeeping shall be practised at all times.
  13. No person shall stand or sit on forks or slides of forklifts or other moving equipment.
  14. The use of or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while on the job is prohibited.
  15. All pasted safety rules must be obeyed and must not be removed except by management’s authorisation.
  16. Training on equipment is required prior to unsupervised operation.
  17. Horseplay on the job site shall not be tolerated.

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