HYDraulic COntracting Supply
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NEW- HYDCO 1200H Rig launch at Mining Australia Expo WA... Hydco International invite

HYDraulic COntracting & Supply


HYDCO FRONT HYDraulic COntracting & Supply is the home of HYDCO, quality exploration Drilling Rigs used throughout the world. Established in 1987, HCS operates from its purpose built workshops in Wangara, in the northern suburb of Perth Western Australia. Producing a full range of drills, from man carry through to 65 ton RC machines, HCS also produce support equipment including HYDCO compressor boosters, jack up drill rod sloops and a full range of drill heads and rig components.
With vast experience in hydraulic applications, HCS also undertake custom design and build projects which have included Salt Harvesters, Track Driven Carriers, and advanced hydraulic projects for the off shore Oil & Gas industry. Hydraulic Contracting & Supply is consulting to: Hydco International, a new manufacturing venture, producing exploration Drill Rigs from its facilities in Ahmedabad, India. HCS are the W.A. sales agent for Hydco International, commissioning and customizing newly arrived drills for specific client applications and installing them onto both track units and trucks.


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