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growing with time & technology

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Jack Hammer / Rock Drill

We are manufacturers and suppliers of Rock Drilling Machine, Jack Hammer/ Hand Held Rock Drills in India. Our Jack Hammers are skillfully designed and made to precision. Each component of the machine is made from alloy steel and then given the correct heat treatment. They are then grinded to close tolerances, I finally to be assembled into an efficient rock drill.

Dry Type

Drillman -DM 041

Drillman -DM 041
This air flushed, medium heavy duty Rock drill is used for a variety of surface drilling applications in quarries and construction sites. It is capable of drilling 27-40 mm diameter holes with H22 Integral/Extension steels up to a depth of 6 M. Drillman model DM 041 is a powerful Rock drill with proven performance.

Type Model Weight in Kg. Air Requirement Penetration Rate Mm/Min Rotation Speed RPm Impact Per Min Hose Connection Air MM
(at 6 Bar M³/min (at 92 psi cfm)
DRY DM 041 25.00 2.4 119 425 215 2000 19

Wet Type

Drillman -DM 041 W

Drillman -DM 041 W
This water flushed Rock drill is used in underground mines and tunnels for horizontal or inclined drilling in conjunction with Pusher leg. It is capable of drilling 27-40 mm diameter holes with H22 integral steels up to a depth of 6 M. Drillman model DM 041 W is one of the most reliable Rock drill available for underground application. It has low air consumption and a very high drilling rate in relation to weight

Type Model Weight in Kg. Air Requirement Penetration Rate Mm/Min Piston Stroke MM Impact Per Min Hose Connection
Air MM Water MM
(at 6 Bar M³/min (at 92 psi cfm)
WET DM 041 W 26.00 2.9 101 60 2050 410 19 12.5

Hand Operated Jack Hammer
  • Light weight
  • Low air consumption
  • High impact
  • Economical, heavy duty
  • Reliable

Features Of Jack Hammer/ Rock Drill
Rock Drills are used for quarry, mining in ores, trenching & general excavation involving short holes. It is the everyday tool for the small job. Rock drills are also used for marble-granites industries.

Rock Drills can be used for the holes upto 20 feet or over but are most efficient when confined to holes of not over 10 to 12 feet. Rock drills are designed to fight the hardest materials created by nature-rock & ore.

High Performance-Low Maintenance
High drilling capacity and low maintenance cost are two of the distinctive features of Drillman handheld rock drills. Used in combination with portable compressors or tractor mounted compressors & drill steel, they guarantee low operation cost.

Power that's easy to handle
The high power-to-weight ratios and compact, versatile designs of Drillman rock drills enable simple positioning and easy handling. Their high penetration means you get the job done quickly for maximum productivity.

Extra flushing and kick-latch retainers
The extra flushing air valve is a special feature that provides simple, rapid cleaning of the drill hole for increased operational efficiency. To simplify the changing of drill steels, the drills are designed with a robust klck-1atch retainer that locks the drill steel into position.

Spares for TOYO TY -24 Rock drill:

Spares for TOYO TY -24 Rock drill
We are now manufacturing spares parts for TOYO TY 24 rock drills. The spares are manufactured using the best of material and with close tolerances. The spares are made with exact dimensions making them easy to fit. The sizes are maintained to close tolerances for optimal performance of the machine.
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