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Atlas Copco roll out Diamec drill rig and care programme

Atlas Copco has announced the release of the Diamec MCR (mobile carrier rig), a highly mobile underground core drilling rig. The wheel-based Diamec MCR offers the full advantages of the traditional Diamec, with extra reach and higher flexibility. The rig was developed together with Australian drilling contractor Barminco, to meet increased demands for higher flexibility in underground core drilling, and can be set up and moved around in less than a quarter of the time needed for a skid-based rig.

Extra mobility eliminates the need for support equipment when moving the Diamec rig, reducing waiting times and improving efficiency within a mine. The rig can be moved intact which helps to reduce mistakes made in the assembly process. Power and control units are also fixed features on the rig.

The Diamec MCR features a 1.8m feed frame, based on the Simba 1257 carrier design, and a Diamec U6 boom. Both components are tested and proven in the mining environment. The flexibility and mobility make the Diamec MCR especially well suited for drilling medium-depth holes in underground mines, specifically ore definition drilling where the need to move around is greater.

In addition to the Diamec MCR drill rig, Atlas Copco has also introduced Diamec Care, a support concept for exploration drillers wanting to improve the performance and service life of their Diamec core drilling rigs. The service includes preventive care and maintenance of rigs, thus improving drilling economy and is applicable for the U4, U6 and U8 models.

Diamec Care consists of four components to help the contractor get the most out of their core drilling rigs; Scheduled services mean less risk of breakdowns and secondary damages. Drill rigs operate more efficiently, eliminating the need for service staff and helping to improve a mines economy. Frequent inspection protocols document the quality of the equipment, increasing second hand value and optimising maintenance costs. The programme also includes an extended warranty covering the entire Diamec core drilling rig, with the exception of the rotation unit. In addition, frequent reviews by an Atlas Copco service engineer, provide the operator with valuable application information and feedback on drilling performance, allowing the mine operator to maximise the performance of their equipment.

Daniel Misiano, exploration marketing manager, Atlas Copco said “Without doubt this is the optimal way for a contractor to get the most value from his investment. Unwanted downtime in drilling is the biggest enemy of profit.”


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