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Atlas Copco on the new roads to Shanghai

Support function for Atlas Copco compressors and generators as city authorities prepare roads network for Shanghai World Exposition spectacular.
A fleet of Atlas Copco portable compressors and generators have been very visible on the roads leading into Shanghai in recent months, as the city upgrades its highways and other infrastructure in the run-up to the Shanghai World Exposition in 2010.

Following on from the Beijing Olympics last year, the World Expo is another spectacular event designed to showcase China’s economic progress, with 200 nations and international organisations expected to take part and 70 million visitors from home and abroad predicted.

If these figures are reached during the 184-day Expo, which will be held from May 1st to October 31, the event will be the largest ever in the history of World Expositions.

As with Beijing Olympics the Chinese authorities are taking no chances and sparing no expense to ensure the success of the Expo, and a huge 5.28 sq km area along both sides of the Huangpu River is being dedicated to the exhibitions, events and forums that will focus on the Expo theme, “Better City, Better Life.”
The Expo site, located between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, will itself form the core of a sustainable city development, and the authorities are constructing a network of access roads that will form an important part of Shanghai’s transportation infrastructure after the Expo has taken place.

Shanghai Water Construction & Engineering Co Ltd has recently been working along Dong Da Ming Road on the DN1400 pipeline project to install a water pipeline for a length of 2.1km, laying steel pipes of 500, and 1,400 mm diameter as part of the Expo infrastructure programme and the summer water demand reconstruction programme, starting from Hi Men Road on the east, the pipeline ends at North Su Zhou River Road.

The contractor, which has a fleet of Atlas Copco portable compressors, has been using two XAS 77 and several XAS96 compressors to provide air to the road breakers and the trench digging equipment of the eight-month project.

The XAS 77, an oil-injected rotary screw compressor, produces 72 l/s at a pressure of 7 bar.

At the same time, the contractor is using an Atlas Copco QAS 78 generating set on an almost continuous basis to power dewatering pumps to remove groundwater out of the main trench, which has a width ranging from 3 m to 5 m and which varies in depth between 8 m and 10 m.

The QAS range is specially designed for use in residential areas and in locations where low noise is required, being equipped with foam-lined canopies and with sound-reducing features to minimize noise levels from the engine.   A skid-mounted unit, the QAS 78 has power output ratings of 64 kW and 80 kVA.
Two Atlas Copco XAS 97 compressors are also being used by Shanghai New Hong Kou Municipal Construction Co Ltd on upgrading works that will widen the Yan Shu Pu Road, one of the 11 new or greatly upgraded roads that are being built; and forming part of a bigger scheme covering 30 roads in total.

The XAS 97 is a single-axle oil-injected rotary screw compressor producing 89 litres per second of air at 7 bar, and particularly suitable for powering road breakers and pneumatic tools, the main task for these two units.

Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co Ltd, the company which is responsible for major infrastructure construction for the Expo, says that construction began last August on the first 11 roads within Expo Park parcel A and B in the Pudong area as relevant storm sewers, east to Bailian River, west to Lupu Bridge, south to South Pudong Road and north to Huangpu River, with a total road length of around 11 km.  All are to be completed within one year.

Overall construction of the  5.28 square km site in Pudong is scheduled to be completed by 2009 with a budget of 30 billion Yuan (US$3.62 billion) – although it is expected that it could be increased to as much as 300-400 billion Yuan (US$ 36-48 billion) as the original budget only covered construction of the site itself.

According to the Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Corporation the main infrastructure construction operator, the entire project will involve virtually all types of urban construction including underground work and flood prevention and landscaping.

Construction of the exhibition pavilions for the 200 participants is expected to start shortly.

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