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A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts


At A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts, we take pride in the fact that we make meeting our clients’ needs as a supreme priority in all that we do. We are a leading manufacturer and provide quality products that are competitively priced. All our business partners, associates and clientele continue to work with us for over two decades. This is because of our two distinct qualities that demarcate us from the rest in the industry - exceptional customer service and delivery.

A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts formally began its journey and commenced business operations in the year 2000. Having associated itself with leading business brands and reputable organizations its worldwide distribution network is well established. The company manufactures high quality precision rig products like borewell bits, hammer and various other tools used on rigs.

Our company initially started off as a small unit and Late M.Kandhasamy with his vast expertise & experience of 25 years in this Rig field at his time, and his son K.Prithivi Rajkumar (who now had taken over and owns the business) and is quite successful. The company started as a small unit. A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts has seen a tremendous growth and we are a leading brand for spare parts for Rigs, products like Borewell bit, Hammer.

The spare parts and service which we are now famous for and our quest for enhanced performance, in our eyes, is an on-going, never-ending process. At A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts we are committed to conducting our business with the highest level of integrity and earning the trust placed in us. Our Code of Integrity contains our guiding ethical principles and sets forth the behaviors we expect of all our employees, directors and officers, as well as our business partners and suppliers.

Starting the venture itself was a major deal in those days, when internet access and mail order service was very slow to be taken up most people did not have credit cards and still preferred to visit a shop, but over the years with the web, we have grown progressively and ultimately lead into our early adoption of all things on the web.

After relocation in 2005 we have been able to continue to offer the range and service we have always been synonymous with, we are constantly high-grading our fleet to ensure that our rigs are equipped to handle even the most challenging projects. It's that dedication to performance and innovation that keeps our rigs pushing the industry forward. To contract a rig for your project, contact our A1 Rigs marketing representative today! We have retained and developed our relationships with leading suppliers and dealerships at various levels.

We are one of the leading drilling supplies companies running our business globally. Our motto is to provide the best quality products at a lower price. You name it, you will get the product. We provide everything related to drilling from mining to onshore oilfield. Our range of products include, drilling equipment for mineral exploration, mining, geotechnical, trenchless, geothermal and onshore oilfields. We are known for our excellent maintenance services which ensure the safety and standards. Our onsite maintenance team will support the customers to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the drilling project. The maintenance team will extend their support throughout their project and also in long term planning. We provide products and services best suited for the customer look forward to render our support to them.

We have been maintaining a long standing connection with all our customers throughout the world. We’re programmed to be successful. The challenge and response protocol of the checklist really helps ensure that every step is taken and every detail is covered. You will always find us helpful and approachable whatever your ability or experience. Every effort is made to deliver the very best service, products and price - each time you deal with us!

We are consciously and constantly looking into and evaluating the sophistication and marketability of our rigs in order to maintain our position as the industry's leading task force. We can help you find the ideal rig for your project, regardless of geography, environmental conditions or water depth.

Our work force just keeps getting better. While we achieve optimum productivity out of all our rigs, borewell bit and Hammer including latest generation models, our commitment to constant improvement dictates we continue to offer the latest in drilling rig technology. It was this philosophy that brought the first drillship, and dual-activity drillship, just to name a few of our innovations that became industry standards.

We redefine our approach continually to maintain the equipment and using data to drive the process. We also monitor the condition of our equipment and machinery from time to time, utilizing key data to make informed decisions delivering the best possible maintenance strategy. This has shown significant potential for improving reliability and optimizing maintenance cost. This is called Condition Based Maintenance and it plays a very vital role across the fleet in the future.

A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts companies have achieved milestones inclusive of the introduction of the latest generations of drilling rigs, a great contribution to safety achievement and integration. We also strive to preserve and protect our natural resources while helping to provide the energy that moves us forward into the next generation. This enables us to preserve the environment by participating in recycling and encouraging energy conservation

We follow a rigorous maintenance program which ensures that machinery is operating at peak efficiency. We demonstrate environmental supervising on a corporate level by participating in several industry and regulatory affairs meetings. This participation gives us the ability to proactively give input on how the industry is governed.

During the current decade, A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts has continued to set world deepwater drilling records while upgrading our high-specification fleet. Great advancements and exploits have been made in the overall process of long and short-term preservation of our inactive rigs at A1 Super Rigs Spare Parts. There has been a significant decrease in the number of days involved in the cold stacking. When a rig is cold stacked, all fixed costs are avoided. We remain in a constant state of improvement, always seeking better answers and more efficient ways to operate; we provide customers more options and more cost-effective solutions.

Enormous investment commitments must be made by exploration and production companies on all given projects. All operations that we undertake are done with efficient operation, save money for the clients and positively impact the economics of their projects. We focus all our efforts on delivering success to our customers and making A1 Super Rigs Spare Part of that success.

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