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Can Dayton area's water lure jobs?

DAYTON — The Dayton Development Coalition is spending $180,000 to tout the ample water supply of a region thirsting for jobs.

The marketing campaign, “H2Open for Business,” targets site selectors and water-intensive industries nationwide, in part through a large advertisement published Monday, April 20, in the Wall Street Journal that touts Dayton’s water as an economic development tool.

“While many areas across the nation are struggling with drought conditions, there’s great news about water in Dayton, Ohio,” reads the advertisement, which covers three-fifths of page A11 of the WSJ’s Monday editions.

“The Dayton region is drought-free and welcomes water-intensive business and industry to share its abundant water resources. Rivers and streams readily recharge the groundwater supplies within the aquifer, making this groundwater a truly ‘renewable’ resource.”

The Dayton region has total aquifer storage of about 1.5 trillion gallons of groundwater, with the aquifers routinely yielding more than 2,000 gallons of water per minute.

Much of the groundwater maintains a constant temperature of 56 degrees, providing a source of geothermal energy that can reduce heating and cooling costs, the coalition said.

The campaign’s funds are going mostly toward advertising and the production of collateral material, said Jim Leftwich, the coalition’s president and CEO.

Part of the $180,000 came from funds used to promote the region’s “Get Midwest” branding initiative.

The source of that money was local investors, businesses and an Ohio Business Development Coalition grant.

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