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Colorado Governor Ritter Opens New Energy Era In Colorado

April 22, 2009 -- Colorado Governor Bill Ritter today ushered in a new era of energy development in , signing into law a bill that implements new oil-and-gas drilling guidelines.

"House Bill 1292 and the new guidelines will allow the industry to grow in a way that is sustainable and compatible with our entire economy," Gov. Ritter said. "These rules were shaped with valuable input from people all across the state and unanimously adopted by the Colorado Oil and Gas ConservationCommission. They strike the right balance, a balance that recognizes the importance of a healthy industry and the importance of healthy communities,water supplies and wildlife.

"In 1999, Colorado issued 1,000 drilling permits. Last year, the state issued more than 8,000. These new, modern rules recognize this increase in drilling activity as well as the technological changes that have occurred within the industry over the past decade. The rules also incorporate the forward-looking practices already being used by companies such as EnCana, Williams and Gunnison Energy.

"I am committed to helping this industry thrive. Clean-burning natural gas is an important part of Colorado's New Energy Economy, and this industry will play a key role in Colorado's economic recovery and our economic future."

House Bill 1292 also contains numerous other important administrative rules, including those dealing with mortgage protection, hospitals and nurses.

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