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Brockovich concerned about ground water pollution in Fennville

FENNVILLE, MI (WZZM) - Famous environmental crusader Erin Brockovich is helping to investigate groundwater pollution near the Bird's Eye cannery in Fennville.

"It appears to be an arsenic problem in quite a few people's wells," says Brockovich.

Tuesday night, Brockovich met with Fennville residents to discuss wastewater discharges from the Bird's Eye factory. Tests show some wells near the plant have high concentrations of metals and arsenic.

Brockovitch led a fight with Pacific Gas and Electric that ended with a $300 million settlement. The case became a movie starring Julia Roberts. Fennville residents hope Brockovich can help them too.

"I'm hopeful she can push something out of them - get them to do something," says Royal Streiecher, who lives near the plant.

"She gets results," adds resident Carol Church. "That's what we are looking for, results."

Brockovich and her team are asking Fennville residents to answer questions about their property, how long they have lived there and any illness or symptoms they have. After the Los Angeles lawyers she represents review the answers, they will decide if they will file a lawsuit against Bird's Eye asking for damages.

"Sure, sometimes we win big money and people win a big award," says Brockovich. " But that doesn't begin to compensate for the cancer and problems they have gone through."

In a written statement Bird's Eye says they are waiting for state approval to build a $3 million waste water treatment system.

The company has also dug new wells for some residents and is providing others with bottled drinking water.

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