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Blackthorne Resources and BHP Billiton deliver more drilling results at Mumbwa project, Zambia

Blackthorn Resources Limited (ASX:BTR) has announced that its Joint Venture (“JV”) partner, BHP Billiton (ASX:BHP), has re-commenced drilling on the Mumbwa Project in Zambia for Iron Oxide Copper Gold (“IOCG”) style mineralisation.

Drilling of the 2009 Phase 3B program is being fully funded and managed by BHP Billiton. This drilling phase is intended to delineate the extent of mineralisation identified at Mumbwa. This phase will include an additional 6 cored holes totalling 5,400 m from drill sites situated around the 2008 Phase 3 drilling area on the Kitumba anomaly. Previously announced Phase 3B drilling is also targeting 3 drillholes for 2,600m from the Mushingashi anomaly, situated towards the northwest from the Kitumba area.

The depth of the planned holes ranges from 800m to 1,000m with the objective being to test geological and geophysical structures at depth that may be associated with the continuation of mineralisation. Currently 2 drilling rigs are on site with one being utilized on the Kitumba anomaly. Following completion of a safety compliance audit, the second rig will recommence drilling. Investigations are also underway to assess the opportunity of introducing a third rig for the project.

Phase 3B will include drilling 6 cored holes totalling 5,400 m to further delineate iron-oxide-copper-gold mineralisation identified on the Kitumba anomaly in previous (Phase 3) drilling campaign.

Additional drilling in Phase 3B will also target separate Mushingashi and Mutoya anomalies identified by previous exploration work.Investigations are underway to assess potential to introduce a third drill rig to the project.

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Phase 3 Results

- Results from hole S36-020 intersected copper mineralisation which include the following drilled thicknesses:
- 3 m @ 1.35 % Cu between 155 m and 158 meters.
- 6 m @ 0.42 % Cu between 163 m and 169 meters.
- 20 m @ 0.99 % Cu between 183 m and 203 meters.
- 8 m @ 0.60 % Cu between 209 m and 217 meters.

Results from hole S36-012 intersected co-incident copper and gold mineralisation which include the following drilled thicknesses:

- 2 m @ 0.38 % Cu and 0.29 g/t Au between 306 and 308 meters.
- 2 m @ 0.61 % Cu and 0.35 g/t Au between 324 and 326 meters.
- 2 m @ 1.27 % Cu and 0.41 g/t Au between 346 and 348 meters.
- 2 m @ 0.40 g/t Au between 350 and 352 meters.

Managing Director Scott Lowe said ”Once again, we are seeing continued evidence of mineralisation at Mumbwa. While grades from holes drilled in Phase 3 vary, this is not unusual for IOCG style mineralisation. It remains too early to accurately assess or quantify the full potential of the Mumbwa project, however, Blackthorn Resources fully supports BHP Billiton’s approach in drilling in a wider area and targeting other anomalies on the property. The Company welcomes the potential of introducing a third drill rig to the project.”

Results are pending for a further two holes (S36-002 and S36-004) which are expected shortly. Results from another two holes (S36-008 and S36-006) will not be reported as S36-008 was abandoned at 196m depth due to poor drilling conditions, and the first 167 m from S36-006 attributed to Phase 3 was not sampled, however the latter part of the hole will be reported in results for Phase 3B.

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