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A driller's best dream come true

     The SAND GUZZLERTM is a submersible, hydraulic driven, pick-up-pump designed for the well driller. This pump will lift 1- 500 GPM of return drilling mud to a shaker or mud tank. It will lift solids in the mud as large as 1". It won't air lock. There are no seals or bearings in the mud so the Sand Guzzler can run dry without damage. All Sand Guzzler pick up pumps come with 6 Month Warranty May return within 6 months from time of purchase any part of the pump or the entire pump for repair or replacement. The Hydraulic motor warranty is limited to the Manufacture's offered warrenty.

  • Mud Flow 0-500 gpm
  • 0-120 Foot of Head

  • Patented

         Hydraulic Motor Data
  • Motor CID 1.90
  • Max Speed 3000 rpm
  • Max Flow 25 gpm
  • Max Pressure 3000 psi

         Tech Data
  • Mud Flow 0-350 gpm
  • 0-90 Foot of Head

  • Patented

         Hydraulic Data
  • Motor Displacement 1.52 cid
  • Max Speed 3000 rpm
  • Max Flow 20 gpm
  • Max Pressure 3000 psi