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Field Equipment, Bedding & Canteens

Field Equipment, Bedding & Canteens

Your one stop source for quality and internationally competitive Field Equipment, Bedding and Canteens for the Defense and Para-Military forces.

Our diverse range helps our Clients to pick and choose as per their requirements.

The Tents can also be customized to your requirements and specifications.

Our product range includes:
    •  General Service MK-II

    •  Single Marquee Universal G.S.

    •  Double Marquee Universal Hospital Extension

    •  Tent Command Post

    •  Double Fly Tent

    •  Folding Chairs and Tables

    •  Folding Beds

    •  Mosquito Nets

    •  Sleeping Bags

    •  Blanket 100% Wool and Blended Yarn

    •  Aluminum Mess Tins

    •  Mess Tray and Cups

    •  Water Bottles in Plastic and Aluminum

    •  Spoon, Fork, Knife
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