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Heavy Duty Sewage Pumps LHP


  • Drainage of waste water from the liberation tank, purifying
    tank and sewage tank in water treatment plant.
  • Drainage of waste water and inclusion containing fibrous
    admixtures from
    leather factory, dyeing factory and food processing factory.
  • Sewage management, accumulated water, septic tank,
    stock farm.
  • Pumping sewage from single and multi family dwellings.
  • Pumping sewage from hotels, restaurants, schools and
    public buildings.

    Performance Range

  • Head range up to 38 meters.
  • Flow range up to 24,000 l/min. (1440 m³/h).


  • International standard design : VCT cable, thermal overload
    protector, silicon carbide mechanical seal,
    high grade cast iron, good quality and performance.
  • P / E Multiple impeller designs to handle solids laden sewage and/or
    fibrous substance.
  • For Extra protection, an oil seal ring has been installed under the oil
    chamber. This lip seal helps prevent the ingress of silt and sand
    into the lower seal chamber.

    Thermal overload protector

  • Equipped with Automatic reset motor protector, prevents motor from
    burning due to high temperature/phase failure/ voltage
    drop and lock impeller.
    Sewage Pumps

    Cable base

  • Epoxy resin seal cable base to prevent water intrusion into
    motor through the cable wire.
    Sewage Pumps

    P Type Impeller

  • Semi-open impeller embedded with a tun-gsten carbide blade to
    enable cutting of fibrous materials to prevent clogging. (LHP - 4535)
    Sewage Pumps

    E Type Impeller

  • Single channel non-clog impeller, allows large solids passage
    preventing clogging and allowing effective drainage/dewatering
    for higher head applications with solids laden media.
    ( LHP 4735 & LHP 41035.)
    Sewage Pumps

    Special Features on Request

  • Other voltages.
  • Available in 60Hz.


    Sewage pumps