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Peripheral Self-Priming MI SP Pumps


  • For clean liquids without abrasives, which are non - aggressive for the pump materials.
    (Solids content up to 0.2 %)
  • For water supply.
  • For heating, cooling, air-conditioning and circulation plants.
  • For civil and industrial applications.
  • For pressure boosting.
  • For watering gardens.

    Performance Range

  • Head range up to 47 meters.
  • Flow range up to 45 l/min. (2.7 m³/h).


  • 2 - pole submersible motor 50Hz (n = 2900 RPM)
  • Single phase : 230V +5 -15 % with thremal protection.
  • Insulation class F
  • Protection IP 44
  • Constructed in accordance with IEC 34.

    Operating conditions

  • Liquid temperature up to 90°C.
  • Ambient temperature up to 50°C.
  • Maximum suction lift up to 9 m.
  • Continuous duty.
  • This pump is supplied with a check valve on the suction side, so no foot valve is required.

    Special Features on Request

  • Other voltages.
  • Available in three phase.
  • Special mechanical seal.
  • Higher liquid or ambient temperatures.
  • Available in 60Hz.


    B - MI
       Pump Casing & Bracket
       Grey Iron 200 ISO 185
       Bronze G CuSn10UNI 7013
       Cr Ni Steel AISI 410
       Cr Ni Steel AISI 410
       Mechanical Seal
       Graphite vs Ceramic
       Graphite vs Ceramic