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Centrifugal Monoblock MDH Pumps

"LUBI" brand single phase Monoblock pumpsets are manufactured in reference to IS : 9079 and motoro with reference IS : 996 & IEC 34 - 1. Special care and quality conterol measures are adopted to give efficient and reliable operation for years. special features are outlined below.


  • Residential Bunglows.
  • Community Water Supply.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Apartments.
  • Samll Farms.
  • Lawns & Gardens.
  • Car Washing.
  • Sprinklers
  • Hotels & Hospitals

    Salient Features

  • The laminations are non - oriented silicon steel & confirms to IS - 648.
  • Volute, Impeller, Adaptor, Stator body, Endshield is made of close grained cast iron of high tensile strength and has a     very smooth surface finish resultig in low friction losses.
  • Motor windings are vaccum imperegnated with synthetic vernish for better monisture resistance.
  • Superior mechanical shaft seal for longer life and effective sealing against water leakage.
  • The electric rotor is pressure die cast & uses electric wrade aluminium.
  • Grease Labricated anti - friction ball bearings are fitted at both ends to withstand radial and axial loads.
  • Better insulating materials are used so that pumpset can with stand high temperature rise.
  • All components are manufactured from materials as per standard specifications.
  • They are precisely machined on modern machins tools to give you years of reliable operation.

    Standard Motor

  • The motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled (TEFC).
  • Motor with specification of IS : 996 & IEC : 34 - 1.
  • Class 'B' insulation is used.
  • The stainless steel shaft is ground finished.
  • The motor are of the capacitor Start & Run (CS & R) desing giveing high starting torque.
  • 2 - Pole induction motor.
  • Input supply condition is single phase - 230V, Three Phase 415 (50Hz).
  • Voltage Range 170V - 240V (Single Phase), 300V - 415V (Three Phase).