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Pressubre Booster Systems

Lubi Hydro Series Pumps can provide peak pressure
to every bathroom or water fixture in your home and
garden at the same time. Enjoy pressurized water at
each tap in your home regardless of its location in the house.

When you are in the shower you don’t like a dribble of water.
Lubi Hydro Series Pumps can provi- -de pressurized water in
each shower of the home. It will also not affect the pressure
if another shower, tap or washing machine is turned on.

Reliable, Long Lasting Lubi Hydro Series Pumps are built to
the highest engineering standards to work automatically under
the most demanding conditions. Hydro - pneumatic tank used in
the system have a two part polyurethene paint finish on the out
side and a polyurethene liner in the water chamber to provide
corrosion resistance. The diaphragm in the tank is made of a
high grade butyl rubber. The system connections are of
stainless steel.

A Lubi Hydro Series Pumps is easy to Install and Operate.
Just connect the suction to your home water tank and discharge
to the pipe going to the home water line. Give electrical conne
- -ction and switch on.