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End Suction Pump

End Suction Pumps

LUBI Standardized Process pumps are constructed to conform with the world
wide accepted ISO 2858 (DIN 24256) / DIN 24255 standard, which sets out
an agreed hydraulic grid for pump performance and at the same time,
ensures this performance is achieved within a precise dimensional standard.


To the end user, the advantages to be gained by specifying pumps constructed to the ISO 2858 standard are considerable and include the following:

- Simplification of design and tender procedures.
- Savings in time and cost due to standardization of pipework layouts.
- Reduction in spares requirements due to interchangeable components.
- Replacement pumps are available from a wide variety of sources, ensuring the user the best possible afrter sales



LUBI Standardized Process pumps series is suitable for handling majority of organic and inorganic liquids which can be chemically aggressive or neutral, for a wide range of temperature and pressure in the following industries :

- Refineries, Petrochemical and Fertilizer Plants.
- Processing Plants like Sugar, Food, Paper, Pulp and Sewage treatment.
- Municipal Water Supply, Irrigation Schemes and Desalination Plant.
- Thermal Power Plants.
- Heating and Airconditioning Plants

Main Features

- Volute casing with end suction and top center line delivery branch with integerally cast feet offer a strong and rugged
- Impellers have been developed with computer aided design techniaque for high efficiency and better suction lifts. They   are double shrouded and hydraulically balanced with back balancing vanes on the smaller sizes, and back balancing   replaceable wear rings on the larger sizes.
- Back pull out facility permits removal of driving head with impeller assembly without disturbance of suction and   delivery pipework.Drive motor can also remain in place if spacer coupling is used.
- Shaft is supported in oil lubricated ball bearings. Sealed grease lubricated bearings are available on request.
- The standardization and rationalization of the design permits high interchangeability of components. All the 29 models   are assembled using 4 bearing frames, shafts, ball bearings and shaft seals. This feature simplies spare parts stocking   and servicing with reduced cost of operation and overhauling.
- Shaft sealing executions can be with gland packings or single/double mechanical seals to suit the liquid pumped.
- As pump dimensions are standardized, installation time and cost are minimum.
- To prolong the life of the pump replaceable wear rings are fitted to volute casings.
- For high temperature applications stuffing box cooling arrangement can be provided.
- Flanges can be provided to DIN / BS / ANSI /ISI standard as required by the user.

Operating Specifications

- Nozzle Diameters : 32mm to 200mm
- Flow Range : upto 750 m qube / hr ( 12500 LPM or 3300 USGPM or 2750 IGPM )
- Head Range : upto 160 metres ( 525 feet )
- Operating Speed : 1450, 2900 & 960 RPM ( available for 60 Hz also)
- Operating Pressure : upto 16 bars.
- Operating Temperature : -30 to +300 degrees centigrade ( -22 to + 572 degrees farenheit )