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Aquapack Hydro Pneumatic Pressure System


LUBI AQUAPACK pressure booster system provides excellent performance for pressure boosting in bungalow schemes apartment complexes, multi storey buildings, hotels, hospitals, industries, schools etc. LUBI AQUAPACK Hydro - pneumatic systems are economical to operate and are reliable & flexible, to guarantee comfort & performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for pressure boosting without overhead tanks.
  • Constant pressure at all taps.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Wide range.
  • Simple installation.
  • Continuous water supply due to standby pumps.
  • Low noise, tuff & reliable.
  • Fully factory assembled & tested.
  • Also available VFD controls for power saving solution.
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    Brief Discription of Aquapack Components Pumps

    The pumps that are used are of international quality & are being exported worldwide by LUBI. LUBI has one of the largest range of pumps. Based on the site condition, LUBI can provide the perfect pumps to satisfy the site requirement. The pump shall be of single or multistage with dynamically balanced impellers & fitted with mechanical seal. The pump shall be furnished in close coupled construction with high efficiency & reliability.

    Control Panel Standard Features

  • Attractive control box with a dust proof & water proof IP 58 protection &    lockable key
  • Highly reliable magnetic motor starters
  • Single phase prevention & overload motor protection
  • Dry run protection and low pressure protection
  • Delay & minimum run timers to eliminate unnecessary pump cycle
  • Auto/manual operation
  • Pump on & pump fault indication
  • Automatic alternation of lead pump.This will ensure equal run time of all     pumps.
  • At the heart of the control panel is a PLC with (HMI) display to programme     the AQUAPACK hydro-pneumatic system for the site requirement.
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    Baseplate, Piping & Accessories

    The entire pressure boosting system including piping, valves & control panel are factory mounted on a single rigid baseplate. The suction & discharge manifold shall be provided of steel or galvanised pipes with flanges for easy dissambly & assembly. The system includes highly reliable isolation valves, check valves, pressure gauge & pressure switches. The entire system is factory tested for performance. Based on customer requirement the system is factory calibrated for pressure settings as per site requirement.

    Hydro - Pneumatic Tank

    Corrosion proof composite/steel construction Hydro - pneumatic tank of light weight is supplied with the system. These composite tanks are made of LLDE liner with fiber-glass wound & epoxy resin outer shell. The tank is totally rust free.


    Customer Service

    Each and every AQUAPACK system sold by LUBI has a very strong service back-up provided by LUBI or our authorised technician to ensure all systems are continuously running without any problem.