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3"(80mm) Radial flow

Submersible Motor & Pumps for Deep Wells 80 mm


  • Submersible motor & pumps for deep wells of 3" (DN 80 mm).
  • Delivery casing with built-in non-return valve.
  • Impellers :
    Radial flow impellers. N51BH,N52BH
  • Connection : Screwed pipe connection.


  • For water supply.
  • For irrigation.
  • For civil and industrial applications.

    Performance Range

  • Head range up to 60 meters.
  • Flow range up to 6.0 m³/h.

    Operating conditions

  • Water temperature up to 45°C.
  • Max.Sand quantity in the water : 50 g/m³.
  • Max.Starts per hour : 30 at regular intervals.
  • Direction of rotation : Clockwise as seen from the pump coupling side.