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Down Hole Hammers Bits

Rotation drilling for water wells, Geothermal drilling, Soil investigations, Seismic, ground consolidations, micropiles.
Multidrill XL suitable to works with the Fraste automatic drill pipe loading system - 3 mt. long drill pipes - mounted on crawler carrier.
The most recent creation originated by Fraste.  This machine has been presented for the first time at the Intermat Fair Exhibition, held in Paris in April 2006.
This machine has captured the interest of many operators of geothermal industry and overtopped  Fraste’s success expectations. This machine  employees the automatic three meters drilling bar Fraste loading system. It’s very compact and strong and can be completed by a huge variety of accessories for different kind of drilling jobs. This unit is completely independent and features a modular design, a very compact structure with high technology and quality level. It provides first class performances by drilling for soil investigations, geothermal drilling, water wells according to the components and accessories it built in. Drilling operation with direct and reverse mud circulation drilling system with very quick and easy switching from a system to another - Down-the-hole hammer operated by separated air compressor. A wide range of drilling components and accessories is available.

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