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Rotation drilling with direct and reverse fluid circulation system, air drilling with DTH Hammer, dry drilling with augers.
Water wells and researches, Exploration drilling, Geothermal drilling, Seismic and coring.
Quality, Technology and Innovation drilling are the key features of this reliable unit with 16 ton pulling capacity.Max torque daNm 1800.
The "original" and exclusive Fraste all-hydraulic drill pipes loading system and many optional items and attachments are available to give the driller the most affordable operation with great safe and professionalism.Mounting on truck or crawler carrier.

POWER UNIT:Deck Mounted/P.T.O. 150-540 hp.
PULL- DOWN SYSTEM: Pull-up      16000 daN. 
                                            Pull-down 12000 daN.
ROTARY HEAD: Direct-reverse circulation type.
Torque daNm 700-1400. Rpm 0-500.
HYDRAULIC DRILLING CLAMP: Double-simple/openable.
Passage 250-400 mm.
WINCH: Fixed drum - free fall. Pulling capacity daN 7000.
MUD PUMP: Piston or centrifugal type.
Delivery lt/1' 1000-4000. Pressure bar 20 max.
AIR COMPRESSOR: Piston or screw type.
Delivery lt/1' 0-27000. Pressure bar 25 max.

OPTIONALS: For a larger drilling versatility the following accessories are avaiable::

  • Foam injection pump
  • DTH hammer line lubrificator
  • Generator/welding unit
  • Mud mixer
  • Re-circulating water desander
  • Wire-line winches
  • Percussion device
  • Automatic drill pipe handling system
  • D.P. break-out device
  • Mast sliding
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