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Container Carrier System

Technical specification
Durga Container carrier system can be attached and operated by any 35 hp tractor
It consist of two hydraulic single acting cylinder
Type size 900 X 16 two no. With hub and bearing of reputed make
The toe hook shall be of 30 mm.
Over all dimension of 4050mm x 2300 mm x 980 mm
(L x B X h) with a carrying capacity of 5 tons.
Shall have the mechanisms to lift and transport the 3 m3 / 4.5 m3 container.
Box Type heavy duty tabular structural frame of 125 x 125 x 8/10 mm C channel.
Two nos. 75 x 75 mm squre axle with 2 nos. Steel hubs with bearing of reputed Make.
The Toe hook shall be of 30 mm.
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