Dixon offers a range of specialty products which enhance on site safety like:

Dry disconnect couplings – For spillage free transfer of petroleum products, hazardous chemicals, expensive dies, pigments, etc.

Dry gas couplings – For a safe, spillage free loading / unloading of LPG to trucks or tanks.

Dry aviation coupling confirming to ISO 45 standard for spillage free fueling / unloading of aviation turbine fuel (ATF).

Safety breakaway couplings ( breakable bolts version ).

Safety breakaway couplings ( cable release version ).

Dixon Bayco® BA-BS series bayonet style dry disconnect couplings & spares in aluminium for a safe & spillage free loading / unloading of petroleum products.

Dixon Bayco® DBA & DBS series cam & groove type dry disconnect couplings & spares in SS316.

Swivel Joints in NPT ( for loading arms, hose loading arms, etc.).

API7k certified rotary hose couplings for offshore drilling rigs for the oil & gas industry.

Rams – 25, 50, 100 & 350 ton RAM for manufacturing swaged & internally expanded hose assemblies for a wide range of end products like rotary hose, composite hose, chemical hose, aviation refueling hose, concrete delivery hose, petroleum transfer hose, food & beverage hose, etc. Please consult Dixon for technical advice before choosing the RAM.

Dry Disconnect Coupling