Dixon is the leading manufacturer & distributor of cam & groove couplings used in fluid transfer applications involving water, chemicals, slurries, etc. Dixon cam & groove couplings are manufactured to the highest quality & safety standards and close tolerances and are designed for long term use. Dixon cam & groove products are designed to be used with liquids only

Product range includes:

Styles A, B, C, D, E, F, DC (dust cap) & DP (dust plug) in sizes from ½” – 6”.

6” – 8” available on request.

Available in aluminium, stainless steel & brass.

Polypropylene, Nyglass, Bronze & Hastelloy options available on request.

Boss-Lock® PF cam & groove couplings for use with UHMWPE / XLPE chemical hose available on request.

Dixon Ez-Boss Lock® stainless steel cam & groove coupling with safety locking device to prevent accidental disconnect of couplings.

Grooved stem couplers & adaptors and ferrules for crimped assemblies.

Specials like 90° elbows available on request in configurations like adaptor x coupler, adapter x hose shank, coupler x hose shank, etc.

Specials like 45° elbows available on request in configurations like coupler x coupler and adapter x coupler.

Other specials like reducing couplers x adaptors, spool adapters, spool couplers, etc. also available on request.

Wide range of gasket options – buna, nitrile, Viton®, silicone, Teflon® encapsulated silicone, Teflon® encapsulated Viton®, Teflon® accordion, Neoprene, White neoprene – FDA material, White Buna N – FDA material, ethylene propylene.

Special products – Mann-Tek® Dry Disconnect.

Couplings for spillage free transfer of hazardous & expensive chemicals, inks, dyes, etc.

Groove Couplings