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"Versatile Plumbing Solution"
The Raksha PP-RC Pipes are a complete plumbing system for cold and hot fluids. The exceptional heat stability of the Polypropylene Random Co-polymer and its extraction resistance coupled with ease of installation make the RAKSHA PP-RC pipes a weather resistant piping system which can be fitted either internally or externally.

RAKSHA PP-RC pipes are made from Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-RC). Polypropylene is a thermoplastic belonging to the polyolefin group. This is partially crystalline material having a low density, low melt flow rate, high molecular weight and good flexibility. The constitution of RAKSHA PPs-RC pipes is such that its surface does not swell or dissolve. It welds extremely well.

Pressure piping can use heating element socket welding, heating element butt-welding or the contact less infrared welding technology. Physiochemical feature of RAKSHA PP-RC pipes and the fusion welding ensures that plumbing systems have a perfect seal even under tough conditions. Threaded fittings with brass inserts nickel plated so as to stand corrosion at elevated temperatures.

  • Sanitary and Innoxious: This kind of product belongs to the green building materials, so they can be applied to the pure drinking water pipeline systems.
  • Thermal insulating: Under the set long time continuous working pressure, the water temperature transmitted by the pipes can be as high as 95° C.
  • Corrosion resistance and scale free: Both the outside and inside surfaces are smooth, so the resisting force of flowing water is low. Blockage due to water scales and yellow stains on water basins and fish tanks can be avoided.
RAKSHA PP-RC Applications RAKSHA PP-RC Facts
  • Residential & commercial cold & hot water system, Sanitary & Pure water pipelines
  • Underground heating system
  • Pipe network for swimming pools & solar plants
  • Conveyor of industrial water & chemical materials
  • Hot water recycling system
  • Compressed air pipelines
  • Drink manufacturing & conveying systems
  • Other industrial & agricultural pipelines.
  • No clarification, Non corrosive, Leak proof* frost proof.
  • Non-decaying & Non-deforming
  • Non contracting diameter
  • Around 50 years service life
  • Wide variety ranging from 20 mm to 63 mm - suit your diverse needs. Available in different pressure rating for diversified usage
  • Smooth inner surface thus reducing the operational pressure required by the Motor pump
  • Good impact strength so as to be used in all environments & around buildings
  • High chemical resistance. No reaction with salts & acids
  • No bacteria and moss reproduction within the pipes. Taste & odour neutral
  • Resistance to high temperature (95° C.)
  • Heat preservative and energy saving (no need for insulation)
  • Low E-modules (flexibility)
  • High long terms Creep Strength
  • Recyclable - for the benefit of environment

PN 10, PN 16, PN 20
"RAKSHA" PP-RC Pipe Dimension as per DIN 8077 Wall thickness in MM
Size PN 10 (SDR 11) PN 16 (SDR 7.4) PN 20 (SDR 6)
mm Min Max Min Max Min Max
20 mm 1.9 2.3 2.8 3.3 3.4 4.0
25 mm 2.3 2.8 3.5 4.1 4.2 4.9
32 mm 2.9 3.4 4.4 5.1 5.4 6.2
40 mm 3.7 4.3 5.5 6.3 6.7 7.6
50 mm 4.6 5.3 6.9 7.8 8.3 9.4
63 mm 5.8 6.6 8.6 9.7 10.5 11.8
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