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 IS 4984: 1995

RAKSHA HDPE pipe is a quality product, low resistance to corrosive, Non-toxic & inert to chemicals, Low thermal conductivity & high electric resistance.

These pipes are manufactured as per BIS specification IS 4984-1995 in raw material grades PE-63, PE-80 & PE-100 for various applications, like water supply, irrigation, tube wells submersible pumps, sewerage disposal etc.

RAKSHA RANGE: 20mm to 110mm outer diameter in pressure class 2.5, 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5 & 16 kg/cm2

  • Salient Features: Pipes are strong, Strong & Resilient: Resilient and impact resistant
  • Light Weight: Easy for handling, transportation and installation even on difficult terrain.
  • Easy Installation : Highly flexible. No trenches required resulting int o easy and economical installation
  • Length as Required: Aviailable in straight as well as coil lengths so less joints & couplers required
  • Better Flow characteristic: Due to smooth inner surface there is no deposits or scale formation hence better flow. Water hammer characteristics help sustaining surges
  • Hygienic & Odorless: No contaminations as the pipes are resistant to scale formation, chemical formation & biological formation
  • Energy Saving: Smooth inner surface implies low frictional loss hence saving in power consumption
  • Leak Proof: Are leak proof due to close dimensional tolerance & precision designing and jointing
  • Chemical resistance: Are inert to most of chemicals
  • Economical: Are reasonably priced and long lasting
  • <b>Long life:</b> These pipes are 10 times longer lasting than GI or Rubber pipes. These pipes are free from rusting
Size Range Standard Length Packing
20 mm to 50 mm In coils of 100 mtrs, 500 mtrs & 1000 mtrs
63 mm & 75 mm In coils of 100 mtrs, 200 mtrs & 500 mtrs
90 mm & 110 mm In coils of 100 mtrs, 150 mtrs & 200 mtrs
125 mm & above In standard length of 6 mtrs.

Can take curvature up to 25 times the pipe diameter.
Virtually maintenance free, Joints are 100% leak proof.
Have a long life .
Easy as no special equipment is required.
Submersiblepump can be installed in 1 Hour time for depth more than 80 to 100 mtrs.
Unit cost of delivered water is Approx 15 to 20% lower than GI.
The Philosophy of flexibility is to combine creativity and talent in order to cater to different needs of the customers. This is exactly what SHAND GROUP...

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