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"We flex to match multiple needs"
Doraflex is a non-reinforced multipurpose low pressure tube which comes as transparent Colour, transparent Colour Rebbed & transparent Colour Zeber according to specifications. It is available in various sizes [diameter 3 mm to 50mm] as well as thickness. [0.75 mm to 6mm] P.V.C. Tubes can be supplied in non-toxic form on request.

  • Doraflex P.V.C. Tubing can be used in gardening, general water transportation & water connections and other everyday application.
  • It can be used for domestic pesticide spraying & water spraying etc.
  • It is used as leveling tubes in constructions
  • It finds application in automobiles and laboratories
The Philosophy of flexibility is to combine creativity and talent in order to cater to different needs of the customers. This is exactly what SHAND GROUP...

Our Products
» Durolon Braided PVC Pipes
» Doraflex PVC Suction Pipes
» Duroflex PVC Duct Pipes
» Doraflex PVC Tubes
» Doraflex corrugated Pipe
» Raksha H.D.P.E Pipe
» Raksha PP-RC Pipes
» Duroplast Rigid PVC Pipes
» Raksha Casing pipes
» Raksha PVC Column pipes
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