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Export Commercial Drilling Rigs
DR 20

The smallest, all hydraulic tophead rig on the market. Designed for 2" and 4" wells to 200' in unconsolidated formations. Rated for air or mud rotary drilling. Available with gas or diesel power. Unitized single axle trailer or skid.


DR 30

Designed for small diameter, shallow monitoring wells and soil sampling. The DR 30 has a small mud pump with swivel and plumbing for rotary mud, when necessary. Additionally, the DR 30 will run a small, down-the-hole hammer using an auxiliary air compressor.

DR 40

The DR 40 incorporates many of the features of the DR 100 and is designed in response to customers' desire for an even more compact drill rig. Employing two engines, one for all the hydraulic rig functions and one for the mud pump. The rig can be gas or diesel powered. Also, it can be fitted as a skid, single axle trailer, or mounted in the bed of a small truck.

DR 100

The Standard-Bearer of the DeepRock line. Originally called the RAM 10, the compact, yet powerful water well rig can drill wells to 500' and employs many innovative features, including the patented automatic breakout system, which makes rod disconnections fast and safe. Available with gas diesel power, skid, tandem axle or truck mount.

DR 130

The DR 130 is rapidly becoming the most popular and versatile of all the DeepRock rigs. The Dr 130 is available with a myriad of options. Available as a skid, tandem trailer, track, or truck mount; deck engine or PTO. The rig can be outfitted with centrifugal, piston, diaphragm and screw mud pumps, water injections and on-board air compressors.

DR 150

The DR 150 is a drilling rig that employs as much torque and pullback capacity as many larger rigs. With a variety of mud and air systems, skid, tandem trailer, track, and truck mount ( deck engine or PTO). This rig is capable of successfully completing most of the drilling requirements of much larger and more expensive drill rigs. In addition to low initial cost, low operating cost and maintenance systems are incorporated into the design.

DR 240

The DR 240 is a combination multipurpose rig. With 25' of stroke and up to 12,000 lbs.ft. of torque, the DR 240 can handle large diameter augers, rotary drill deep, large diameter holes, core, run DTH hammers, employ reverse circulation, and much more. With a variety of options the DR 240 can be equipped to meet all of your future needs.

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