Product Information

In the machine age of today more & more focus is given on production & capacity of the plant. Thus longer life, higher durability & that to at economical rates are some of important characteristics required for machine parts.

Even the smallest user is constantly demanding for increase in life & maintenance free parts for his machine. Simultaneously this revolution as demanded improvement in materials used for cutting, mining & wear part applications. Also of existing material like carbon steel & HSS were are not reliable for higher speeds & feeds.

Here is where, Tungsten carbide (also called Cemented Carbide ) come into picture.Though toughness of this material was well known, it achieved its technical break through in 1920’s, when it was discovered that combination of Tungsten Carbide & Cobalt, when compacted under pressure & sintered at higher temperature, produced a material that it is highly favorable for mechanical application as it covers wide range of combination of hardness & toughness. With further additions like Titanium & Titanium, Carbide has gained increase in many industrial application like, metal forming, mining tools, wear parts & corrosion resistance.

Tungsten carbide is a high-tech product.

Though a bit expensive than best Steel available Carbide have the abilities that justifies the extra cost by reducing the cost per unit of finished product & effect in working hours. An experienced machinist would choose a hard metal strength just enough to bear the loads & has optimum resistance to wear & tear. Such selections can be perfected using various grades from same manufacturer depending upon same manufacturer depending upon the various priorities desired.