About Tungsten Carbide

With the increasing industrial application of Cemented Carbide worldover, CARBIDE INDIA took up the challenge in India to set up a state-of -the-art production facility in Nasik, Maharashtra - starting from Tungsten Metal Powder right upto finished Tungsten Carbide Tips & Tungsten Copper Electrodes. Annual production capacity is 15MT. As a further specialisation, Carbide India also started manufacturing all grades of Slip Guages as a pioneer in the field.

Cemented carbide achieved its technical breakthrough during the 1920s when it was discovered that the combination of powder of tungsten carbide and cobalt compacted under high pressure and sintered at high temperature produced highly favorable material for technical application since it cover a wide range of hardness and toughness combinations. Through the addition of hard constituents primarily Titanium and Tatnalum carbides; cemented carbide has gained increasing industrial applications manufacturing of tungsten carbide is considered very high tech