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How can I protect my private water supply?

Protect your water supply by carefully managing activities near the water source.

For households using a domestic well, this includes keeping contaminants away from sinkholes and the well itself.

Keep hazardous chemicals out of septic systems.

    • Periodically inspect exposed parts of the well for problems such as:
      • cracked, corroded, or damaged well casing
      • broken or missing well cap
      • settling and cracking of surface seals.
    • Slope the area around the well to drain surface runoff away from the well.
    • Install a well cap or sanitary seal to prevent unauthorized use of, or entry into, the well.
    • Have the well tested once a year for coliform bacteria, nitrates, and other constituents of concern by a licensed well driller or pump installer.
    • Keep accurate records of any well maintenance, such as disinfection or sediment removal, that may require the use of chemicals in the well.
    • Hire a state licensed well driller for any new well construction, modification, or abandonment and closure.
    • Avoid mixing or using pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, degreasers, fuels, and other pollutants near the well.
    • Do not dispose of wastes in dry wells or in abandoned wells.
    • Do not cut off the well casing below the land surface.
    • Pump and inspect septic systems as often as recommended by your local health department.
    • Never dispose of harsh chemicals, solvents, petroleum products, or pesticides in a septic system or dry well.

Did you know.....

Wells are drilled. Holes are dug.

Unless you are speaking about a water well actually dug with a shovel, wells are typically constructed using advanced and expensive construction equipment technology to drill the borehole and to equip it as a well.

It’s going to be more correct in nearly every instance to say “well drilling” rather than "well digging." Contractors who build wells are "groundwater contractors" or "water well drillers" rather than "well diggers."

Water well defined. A water well is any test hole or other excavation into the earth that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, fractured, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed when intended use of such excavation is for the location, monitoring, dewatering, observation, diversification, artificial recharge, or acquisition of groundwater or for conducting pumping equipment or aquifer tests. It may be open (uncased and unscreened) or a portion may be cased or screened.

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