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Well Tips

Well Tips
Whether you are installing a new water system, repairing an existing system or updating your water system, select an established, well-known contractor. Willey Well Drilling Inc. has been in continuous service since 1954.

Remember, lowest price often times reflects what a contractor can afford to put into his work. Always ask about operations, equipment and proof of liability, worker’s compensation insurance and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Registration Number.

What will your well cost?
Typically, wells are priced based on size and depth. After initial contact with Willey Well Drilling Inc., we will meet you on site to discuss the project needs. This will include well depth(s), size(s), placement of well, equipment, and more.

What is the difference between rotary and cable tool methods?
Both machines are capable of constructing a good water well. Each of the machines has their own unique advantages. It is for this reason that Willey Well Drilling Inc. has each type available depending on site conditions and individual needs.

How can I be sure my well will be good?
Unfortunately several years ago, wells were not always constructed properly because of a lack of modern technology. Today the latest technology is available to all in the drilling industry. Choosing a contractor with modern, reliable equipment makes all the difference.

I’m running out of water, what can I do?
Instead of the expense of abandoning the well and installing a new one, a professional contractor can often “rehabilitate” the well and restore flows that provide enough water for all of a family’s daily needs.

Along with the water table dropping, which has happened in several parts of the country because of the drought, there can be other reasons for reduced productivity. The most common is the plugging of holes along the well’s casing and incrustations forming on the well screens. The amount of water going through the well system will drop significantly if several holes or portions of the screen are clogged.

Two typical methods are used to rehabilitate a well. The first is using chemicals to dissolve the encrusting materials so they can be pumped from the well and the other is cleaning the well with a brush that can be attached to a drill rig. High pressure jetting, hydro fracturing and well surging are also procedures in which water is injected into the well at extreme pressures. In many cases, we will use a combination of these methods. For more information on rehabilitating a water well system, please contact our office.

What determines the well location?
Many aspect need to be taken into consideration when determining the well location such as lot size, possible sources of contamination, geography, future building plans, accessibility and more.

How much water do I need?
Many variables need to be considered, as each application is different. The most important factors are the size of the home or building(s), type of use, occupancy and more.
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