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If you are our esteemed customer once, you will be the customer for life, because we serve you with our ability, nobility and humbleness.

  1. What size of wells we drill ?
    Infact, we drill 4 ½”, 6”, 6 ½” and 10” borewells in India according to feasibility ofsite.
  2. How soon we can survey your waterwell point ?
  3. What is the time required to drill a well of 500’ ?
    About 8 hours from setup to tear down.
  4. How long does the well last? 
    A well done well will last forever. We do wells right. A well will be destroyed by an earth quake, volcano, or bombs.
  5. What is a problematic bore ? 
    A bore that is having silt, clay and or boulders is a problematic / sick bore.
  6. How soon can we install submersible pump and complete  plumbing work ? 
    Just we can do it in 2 hours, if there is power connection. 
    Power systems are a perfect water supply solution for people, flora and fauna

Nearly 98% of all drilled wells produce satisfactory water supply. Some times, however drilling operations result in a marginal water yield instead of the desired quality.

With proper development techniques, a poor producing well can often be made into good one, maximizing the customers sizeable investment. This is accomplished by either surging or hydro fracturing.

Surging utilizes a solid block plunger operated by a cable tool drilling rig. With an up and down plunging motion, water is forced into existing bedrock fractures followed by a reverse suctioning. The result, after a prolonged period of surging for 2-3 hours it becomes a productive well, which is measured by flushing / bailing the well water.

Hydrofracture, by definition, means pumping highly pressurized water down the hole attempting to crack bedrock in which the well has been drilled. When new cracks occur, they often connect to additional water producing veins of fractures adjacent to the well. This procedure has helped turn a number of low yielding wells into medium or good yielding wells, while other marginal wells have dramatically increased their yield after being hydrofractured. A follow–up-to hydro fracturing includes a pump test to measure the well’s new output.

A key service provided to a variety of costumers with diverse needs is well inspecting and pump testing which help determine quality and or quantity of water.

We also offer extended-duration pump test as required by state agencies and other regulatory bodies for public water supplies, and by engineering specifications for commercial and industrial applications.

Lest, we’re the “Corporate” water system’s   management company.

We have to protect and preserve ground water for future generations.

“Save environment and save the world or world will be perished”.


  1. Good, better and best : The company should have good machines, better materials and best staff to carry out work properly
  2. Respect : We give and take respect. We treat our clients the way that we want to be treated-honestly,  fairly and with respect. We treat our customer God with utmost respect, which is why we are still serving  mankind.
  3. Ability and nobility : We have ability and nobility while dealing with our respected clients.
  4. Desire : We desire to work for you and stay with you after the well is drilled. We will not desert you.
  5. Preserve and protect : We preserve and protect ground water as it is very  precious for mankind, flora  and fauna.
  6. Experience : We do have good experience of 37 years in waterwell  field to undertake and complete any challenging job successfully and well on time.
  7. Humbleness and honour :  Education makes people behave in proper manner. We serve our customers with humbleness and honour. We  maintain dignity, decency and decorum.
  8. The Fastest : Our rigs are fastest in work.
  9. The Greatest : Our team is the greatest. It is having vit, vim, vigour  and vitality in work. 
  10. Durability and dependability :  The company will use materials which are known for durability and   dependability.


Sree Vijayalakshmi Borewells Services
Sree Vijayalakshmi Borewells Services

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Sree Vijayalakshmi Borewells
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