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Sree Vijayalakshmi Borewells (Regd) was established in 1972 at Bangalore, India, by an highly educated master degree holder V. Narayana Reddy, a retired Professor of Bangalore University. He has travelled widely in U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, Israel, Egypt, China, Singapore, Hongkong, Bangkok, Colombo etc, and gained foreign experience. But he hasn’t stayed there and came back to the Motherland and is imparting foreign-know-how here for befitting  millions and millions of people. Perhaps, this information is the first of its kind in Bangalore and since then the company is doing Yeomen service in locating waterwell point by the water Diviner and or Geologist, drilling waterwells and fixing up Submersible pumps.  He is the authority on waterwells and pump sets, and can give best advice freely to the needy. He is in an extraordinary drilling professional and a legend in the line. Very offen he has been referred to as the master well driller who can be compared to himself in doing an excellent job.

The company is certified and approved by Rural Development Engineering Department (R.D.E.D), Mines and Geology, Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation (K.A.I.C), Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (K.U.W.S & D.B), Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (B.W.S.S.B), many banks and  corporations. The list goes on and on. We are willing to take up huge order to drill wells any where in India and abroad.

Our modern fleet of drilling equipment ranks among the best in the region. We have the capacity to drill 4 ½”, 6”, 6 ½” dia wells and we offer all methods of drilling, including rotary/air percussion, mud rotary, cable tool and hollow stem auger and we have brand new drilling rigs with talented and well experienced staff and deploy the most up-to-date-technology and State - of- the-art equipment.

We have executed overseas jobs also on a large scale.

The company is dedicated to waterwell drilling industry since 1972. We do drilling up to the desired depth and supply water for intended use. The present short but sweet essay will teach us-to learn, to network, to enrich, to share the know how and spread it in every nook and corner of the globe for the benefit of the mighty masses of the world.

Our company is piloted by V.N.Reddy, the M.D and other staff who are skilled and experienced in the line and they are called “The Water Experts”.

Our team of drillers, pump mechanics and technicians have had a wide range of experience in drilling of tube wells as well as installation and repair of all components of water systems.

We offer very prompt, quick and reliable service at reasonable rates.

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Sree Vijayalakshmi Borewells
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