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Our company has completed a large number of Borewells for domestic, industrial and agriculture requirements. We are expert in drilling 6½" borewells with super fast hydraulic rigs with experienced & qualified geologists. The company also has Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the borewell point; installation of submersible pumps.

We are specialist in

•  We use best quality materials for casing. ( GI casing -jyothi /MS casing -call /PVC casing – finolex and supremme)

•  Borewell Drilling & Flushing.

•  Feasibility Survey for Drilling.

•  Able to handle multiple number of borewells drilling with quality conscious.

•  Quick, fast and cost effecting services.

•  Drilling of 6½" Dia borewells by latest high pressure rigs in all soils;

•  Specialist in desilting and cleaning (flushing); Water Yeild Testing

•  InWell Compressor Drilling, Manual / Slow Drilling, Rotary Drilling ;

•  Installation & Erection of submersible with piping fittings;

•  High Quality Drilling Bits with exact Dimensions;

•  Drilling is done in all soils including clay & sand;

Installing Motors and Pumps

Installing Motors and Pumps

We undertake installation and erection of Submersible Pumps, Motors and Compressors. Other than that We also supply the quality accessories like pipes, fittings, panel boards etc.

Motor Pumps repairs

We also undertake service of all types of motors and pumps and air compressors.We are commited in delivering the quality service for our Customers

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Motor and Pumps
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