Shabari Borewells
Pioneers in Locating Water Foot Prints
Shabari BorewellsShabari Borewells

Our Specialisation


•  We use best quality materials for casing. ( GI casing -jyothi /MS casing -call /PVC casing – finolex and supremme)

•  Borewell Drilling & Flushing.

•  Feasibility Survey for Drilling.

•  Able to handle multiple number of borewells drilling with quality conscious.

•  Quick, fast and cost effecting services.

•  Drilling of 6½" Dia borewells by latest high pressure rigs in all soils;

•  Specialist in desilting and cleaning (flushing); Water Yeild Testing

•  InWell Compressor Drilling, Manual / Slow Drilling, Rotary Drilling ;

•  Installation & Erection of submersible with piping fittings;

•  High Quality Drilling Bits with exact Dimensions;

•  Drilling is done in all soils including clay & sand;

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 Shabari Borewells
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