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Water is the main source for development for all human beings, cattle, and industries from the history of global system we learn that, in ancient days, perennial rivers became the major source of water, and the people, who were far away from the river sources, practiced the utilization of ground water and stored rain water for their sustenance. In India ground watert utilization has been practiced for many centuries, in the form of open wells owned by private individuals or communities, for both domestic and irrigation purpose

We offers easy and economic Rain Water Harvesting services because ground water is a very valuable commodity us. It is recovered from wells for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. The conservation of ground water is very important because it moves from soil and many years may be required to replace hastily pumped water. Therefore, in the areas where ground water is used extensively, care must be taken that no extra water is withdrawn in a year than the quantity replenished by natural process.

To avoid depletion of ground water level, the aquifers (ground water bodies) must be recharged in whichever way possible. There is an urgent need for Rain Water Harvesting since that is the only source of ground water. Aqua Equipments uses the following Rain Water Harvesting Methods to preserve the Rain Water:

Rain Water Harvesting Methods:

• Rain water harvesting through percolation pit method.
• Rain water harvesting through broken brick method.
• Rain water harvesting through well cum canal cum percolation pit method.
• Rain water harvesting through open wells.
• Rain water harvesting through defunct bore well method.
• Rain water harvesting through ponds.
• Rain water harvesting through ditch and furrow storage.
• Rain water harvesting through recharge wells.
• Rain water harvesting through service well cum recharge well method.

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