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Roarke Well DrillingRoarke Well Drilling

Our Primary Concern


Providing quality Ground Water is our primary concern. We follow all local rules and guidelines to ensure proper protection of our precious natural resource. Proper construction and materials used is of most importance. Ask your Driller how he plans on constructing your well and what materials he is going to use, before you hire him. Make sure he is licensed, insured and Certified by the National Ground Water Association.

Some topics to discuss: Type of Well, Casing size and grade, How is Well Casing Sealed into the ground to prevent surface contamination, Approximate depth of well, Quality of Water in area, How much yield will you need (GPM), Pump and Tank Selection, and Cost.

When comparing the estimates you have received, Please be sure the driller is doing all he can to protect the Ground Water and following all regulations and guidelines. Do not cut corners when it comes to your Water Well. Most times, that few dollars saved will cost you much more to repair and be dangerous to OUR Ground Water.

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