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Borewell Services  
  • Excellent Borewell drilling services for Domestic and Industrial purposes.
  • Development of Tubewell
  • We undertake all types of borewells in all types of soil.
  • Serving both rural & city clients in Tamil Nadu.
  • Expert in 4½" and 6½" borewells
  • Deciding the Borewell point
  • Installation of pumps.
  • Expertise in desalting & cleaning of damaged borewells
  • Top drive multipurpose rigs to percussion cable tools, backed with support vehicles and ancillary equipment to cover most phases of borehole drilling.

Borewell Cleaning :

A borewell must be flushed periodically for the best yield and safety of the borewell, because ground water may change any time. We have great expertise in flushing and cleaning borewell through high pressure air compressor, which takes raw water, dust, or wastes and decayed particles if any. If we find any decayed particles or animal, we use calcium carbonate in that borewell to kill germs and bacteria. Our company is recognized as a leading borewell cleaning solutions provider in Chennai. The frontrunner borewell cleaning contractor offers its services at very cost effective prices round the clock to meet complete customer convenience.

Tests conducting while cleaning

  • Physical Examinations: Color, odor, turbidity, and electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids and suspended solids.
  • Chemical Examinations: PH, alkalinity, hardness, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, chloride, fluoride, sulfate, phosphate, silica, BOD, COD, TKN, oil & grease, aluminum, chromium, arsenic, and free chlorine.
  • Bacteriological Examination: Standard plate count, total coli form, fecal coli form, fecal streptococci.

» Plumbing Services :

Plumbing Services  
  • We provide general plumbing repairs and installation for all your plumbing needs including tub and shower faucets, toilets, sink faucets, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, instant hot water dispensers, laundry tubs/faucets and laundry pumps.
  • Drain clearing, sewer replacement and sump pumps.  Water line replacement well pumps replaced/installed, water conditioning and filters.
  • Water heaters, gas pipe installation and whole house humidifiers.
  • We also provide complete bathroom remodeling with Kohler fixtures, ceramic tile, vinyl floors, paint, lighting, vanities and tops, tubs, showers, shower doors, mirrors and medicine cabinets.

» Rain Water Harvesting :

Rain Water Harvesting   Rathna Borewell offers easy and economic Rain Water Harvesting services because ground water is a very valuable commodity us. It is recovered from wells for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. The conservation of ground water is very important because it moves from soil and many years may be required to replace hastily pumped water. Therefore, in the areas where ground water is used extensively, care must be taken that no extra water is withdrawn in a year than the quantity replenished by natural process.

To avoid depletion of ground water level, the aquifers (ground water bodies) must be
recharged in whichever way possible.  There is an urgent need for Rain Water Harvesting since that is the only source of ground water. We use the following Rain Water Harvesting Methods to preserve the Rain Water: 

Rain Water Harvesting Methods:

• Rain water harvesting through percolation pit method.
• Rain water harvesting through broken brick method.
• Rain water harvesting through well cum canal cum percolation pit method.
• Rain water harvesting through open wells.
• Rain water harvesting through defunct bore well method.
• Rain water harvesting through ponds.
• Rain water harvesting through ditch and furrow storage.
• Rain water harvesting through recharge wells.
• Rain water harvesting through service well cum recharge well method.

Installation of Pumps:

There are several clients in and around Chennai who prefer only Rathna Borewell Drillers for any kind of installation pumps service, as we offer services believing in complete customer satisfaction. We are engaged in installing submersible pumps, jet pumps and hand pumps.

  • Submersible Pumps: We undertake installation of submersible pumps which are known best today for 4 ½ “& 6 ½ “borewells. These pumps can be installed for agriculture, fish culture, industry, domestic, hotel, apartment, theatre, marriage halls, etc.
  • Jet Pump: A Jet Pump is a type of impeller-diffuser pump which is used to draw water from wells into residences. It can be used for both shallow (25 feet or less) and deep wells (up to about 200 feet.)
  • Hand Pump: Hand Pumps are used primarily in developing nations as a manually powered means of bringing water to the surface from a borehole, rainwater tank or well.
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