Ranjith Bore Wells
Ranjith Bore WellsRanjith Bore Wells

About us :


The Strength…
   Machinery & Equipment

Ranjith Bore Wells – Hydraulic Super Rig is well
Equipped with world’s best Compressor(Ingersoll
Rand ) and India,s No.1 Rig Mast (KLR).

Ours is the one of the best bore-well drilling machinery
Unit in Andhra Pradesh.

Hydraulic Super Rig is fitted with Ingrersoll Rand Compressor model 1150 – 300 with 300 psi fitted on KLR-2000mast capacity. Hydraulic System with Proportional values and Radial Piston Pumps .Advantage with our rig can drill upto maximum depth.Other Technical advantage with our KLR-2000 mast , Even in any critical formation conditions also our rig Can drill upto the maximum depth. Other technical Advantage with our Hydraulic Super Rig is our Machinery is also equipped with Dust Controlling Equipment and Automatically Water Injection System. Our technical staff is very much efficient in operating This system ,which is the most unique feature with our Hydraulic Super Rig.

The army...
  Management & Staff

The unit’s day-to-day operations is montored and maintained by Mr.Rajavardhan Reddy, who is widely experienced in Civil and Earth works.Prior to this,he was involved in civil contracts under his family owned company ,which works for most MNCsin India like Continental Constuctions, etc. With his technical knowledge and interst, he thought and found a way to his own establishment ,and within no itme he has diversified into the bore-well drilling field.

The company has got about 50 dedicated technical and non-technical staff, out of which 8 members are with technical background ,who are drillers here. Other staff including assistants and workers are about 42 members, who support the technical drillers and the management at various levels.We have also Groundwater Surveyors, who assist the customer in deciding the bore-well point.

We have done…

The company is engaged in drilling activity since 1992,and got very much experience in the field not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. Till date the company must have drilled not less than 12,000 points successfully.

We can do…

Apart from drilling regular Tube Wells of 6 ½’ to 8”, Ranjith Borewells is capable of core drilling(for sample purpose)dia ranging from 2 ½” to 4 ½”.
The company is capable of drilling the depth ranging from 150’ to 2000”.


The company is not only master in general tube well drilling but also very much
Experienced with Core Drilling, Rotary Drilling, Sample collections for chemical
Analysis,Earth pits drilling etc.

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Ranjith Borewells
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