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Pump Installation and Service


Pump Installation and Service

Pump Installation and Service

Reynolds Well Drilling has over 36 years experience installing and servicing water Systems. James Hamilton, our service manager, has the know-how and equipment to install or trouble shoot an existing system accurately and efficiently. We are committed to continuing education for our service technicians in order to remain on the cutting edge of our industry. We attend continuing education classes and trade shows, belong to several trade organizations and subscribe to trade publications to keep current with new laws and provide improved products, services, and methods. 

Pumps & Lines

Reynolds Well Drilling offers two package deals for new pump systems:

Our Conventional Package features a Goulds GS series stainless steel submersible pump equipped with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Other package components include State of Illinois approved pitless well adapter, drop pipe and wire in well; pressure tank, pressure switch, and PumpSaver electronic pump protection installed in your home.

Reynolds currently uses the Flex-Lite FL series fiberglass-wound pressure tank by Flexcon Industries. It will not rust and uses Flexcon's proven Controlled action diaphragm (CAD) design, providing excellent performance and long life. The FL series tanks come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

The PumpSaver by SymCom protects against dry well, dead-head, rapid-cycle, jammed-impeller, overvoltage, and undervoltage conditions; helping to assure your investment in a top quality pump is not wasted by adverse environmental conditions or pump equipment failure.

The following manufacturer links provide additional information on the quality pumps and tanks offered in our conventional package:

The water discharge line and wire from the well to your house, including trenching, are installed on a footage basis.

Our Constant Pressure Package features a Grundfos SQE series all stainless steel submersible pump, and is offered with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. This pump uses a varible speed motor and electronic controls which receive signals from a small sensor in your water line. The sensor reads the pressure and flow and tells the pump to speed up or slow down as the demand changes. This system eliminates the wide pressure variations typical of conventional system controlled by a pressure switch with lower and upper limits, typically 40 psi lower and 60 psi upper. Pump protection similar to the PumpSaver of our conventional system is built into the electronics of the SQE. The SQE pump utilizes a small 2 gallon pressure tank mounted with the controls on a wall instead of a large floor mounted tank necessary for a conventional pump. If space for a conventional tank and pump controls is an issue the constant pressure package is an excellent option. Pressure can be set easily from the wall mounted controller box in a range from 40 psi to 100 psi in 10 psi increments. Within the constraints of your house plumbing the constant pressure package will provide “city like” water pressure for your home.

The Grundfos SQE pumps are adequate for most applications, but occasionally larger demand or the need to move water from a well to a high elevation or a long distance would call for the use of a Goulds Balanced Flow (BF) constant pressure system. The BF system operates the same and has the same advantages as the SQE but is capable of moving more water over longer distances and to higher elevations. The BF system is ideal for luxury homes with multiple bathrooms on several levels, or any applications that would require greater than ordinary water usage. Goulds pumps are offered with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, and the BF controller has a 3 year warranty.

The following manufacturer links provide additional information on the quality pumps and tanks offered in our constant pressure package:

The water discharge line and wire from the well to your house, including trenching, are installed on a footage basis.

Water Treatment

We have found that well water is rarely perfect. Hardness (calcium carbonate) is the most common complaint. The higher mineral content of hard water forms scale on appliances, the insides of pipes, and heat exchangers causing a loss of efficiency, Soap and detergents a less effective with hard water. Iron, nitrates, and nuisance bacteria are sometimes present in well water and may need to be removed for health or cosmetic reasons. Reynolds offers free water analysis for hardness and iron and can arrange for bacteria and nitrate testing for a fee. We offer quality water softeners sized to meet your needs, ultraviolet sterilizers for bacteria-free water, and 5-stage reverse osmosis drinking water systems for your kitchen and ice maker. If you purchase or have bottled water delivered we can provide a convenient and more economical alternative. We stock filters and UV lamps, and provide service for all water treatment equipment we sell. If water treatment is in your plans, please contact us for our recommendations and an estimate.

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