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The company was founded by late P.S.SELLAPPAN GOUNDER (P.S.S) in the year 1981 in a town of Drilling Rigs: Tiruchengode "The Borewell Hub of India" , India . And was expanded by his son Mr. K.S.GANESHAN in the year 1987 and started the establishment in various parts of our country. Ours is one such establishment which has maintained the quality and providing long lasting service since 1981 in India, over these two decades of experience the establishment is backed by the "personal" service which is unheard of in the drilling industry.

P.S.S Bore well Service is recognized as one of the most leading and reliable multi disciplinary drilling contractors in INDIA (Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Tamilnadu). Having more than Twenty Eight years of experience in this business, the company has been offering best solutions for all kinds of water related problems. Our highly experienced drilling operators and dedicated technical personnel are integral part of the company who has perfection in bore well drilling. Till date the company must have drilled more than 25,000 points successfully.

We have specialization in bore well cleaning and installation of pumps, keeping the customer preference at our priority. All the cutting-edge technologies and machines are preferred to provide excellent services to our valued customers across the country. If you are searching an expert bore well drilling contractor, our company has great reputation in this field and bore well drilling for various dimensions with depth ranging from 150 to 1500 feet. Furthermore, we offer after sales service complying with customer convenience and preference.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. We assure you cost effective services.

Our Specialty

Our specialty is that, right from the beginning, we have started drilling operations by the slow rig, calyx rig to the latest super fast high pressure hydraulic drilling rigs both on surface and in well by 4 1/2 " & 6 1/2 "bore wells. 4 1/2 "Tube wells were dug both vertically and Horizontally in open wells". Core drilling and Telescopic drilling will be done. On a large scale for buildings, dams, railways, thermal stations. We have not only achieved a respectable niche in the field of water well drilling but also has also extended our service in Coal Mines for extracting coal deposit in various parts of India.

Dedicated Staff

We are supported by trained and dedicated bore well drilling experts who keep them updated with all relevant industry latest technologies. Understanding the value of customers' precious time, they endeavor to deliver all services within the stipulated time frame.

Machinery & Equipment

P.S.S Bore Well - Hydraulic Super Rig is well equipped with world's best Compressor (ELGI) and India's No.1 Rig Mast (PRD).

Ours is the one of the best bore-well drilling machinery. Unit All over INDIA Hydraulic Super Rig is fitted with ELGI Compressor model 1150 - 300 with 300 psi fitted on PRD-2000mast capacity. Hydraulic System with Proportional values and Radial Piston Pumps .Advantage with our rig can drill up to maximum depth. Other Technical advantage with our PRD-2000 mast, even in any critical formation conditions also our rig can drill up to the maximum depth. Other technical Advantage with our Hydraulic Super Rig is our Machinery is also equipped with Dust Controlling Equipment and Automatically Water Injection System. Our technical staff is very much efficient in operating this system, which is the most unique feature with our Hydraulic Super Rig.
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Our Objectives

Our main objective is to deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. We assure you cost effective services.

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