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Mount Drilling & Water TreatmentMount Drilling & Water Treatment

Welcome to Mount Water Well Drilling

Mount Water Well Drilling has been in business since 1968, providing quality workmanship in all areas of service, including residential, commercial, and municipal work across the State of Ohio.

Mount RigThe company was started in 1968 by Richard L. Mount.  The company, then called Richard L. Mount Drilling, was a steady and successful company for many years.  I personally started working for the company in 1979, and purchased the company from my father, who was retiring, in January of 1991.  I then became the sole proprietor of Mount Water Well Drilling.

In the last ten years, Mount Water Well Drilling has expanded in equipment and employees.  We have expanded in many areas of expertise, including the water treatment business.

Todd Mount on the cover of Water Well Journal - October 2002Mount Water Well Drilling is located in Licking County, approximately 30 miles east of Columbus in central Ohio.  We are fully licensed with the State of Ohio and meet all government requirements, as well as have a very good working relationship with the Ohio EPA and the Ohio Health Department.  Our company is fully insured, including liability coverage.

It's a gusher!Over the years, Mount Water Well Drilling has serviced water systems of all kinds statewide.  Our services include drilling wells, installing pump systems, tanks, etc., as well as water softening equipment, filtration, and purification systems.  We construct and service systems from residential size to commercial and municipal.

Mount Water Well Drilling has cable and rotary rigs.  All equipment is kept in very good condition, both mechanically and in appearance.

Mount Water Well Drilling always aims to please our customers, and we guarantee satisfaction with our service.

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