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Meehan Drilling Ltd Meehan Drilling Ltd



Geotechnical & Environmental

Meehan Drilling Ltd offers a fully integrated ground investigation and geotechnical design service. We provide guidance and management of the investigation process through all phases of study, ground investigation, testing.

Meehan Drilling Ltd provides:

  • Groundwater and aquifer resource survey
  • Aquifer testing and yield analysis
  • Packer testing of boreholes
  • Ground water quality management
  • Investigation and remediation of polluted groundwater
  • Site investigation
  • Aquifer recharge
  • Geophysical surveys of boreholes
  • CCTV surveys of boreholes
  • Hydrofracturing now yielding water wells.

If you wish to discuss what’s involved in this process, our technical department will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us on +353 (0) 42 9372220

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